The short answer is yes. But, for the Christian in AA, he or she must be careful.

I have been an active member of AA and continuously sober since 3-31-97, by the grace of almighty God. I have been a Christian since 5-2-01. So, I know both very well.

AA does not endorse any religion or specific spiritual system. However, the program was founded on Christian principles. As the program has aged, it has grown away from many of its Christian roots though.

In many meetings across the world, it is perfectly acceptable and encouraged to talk about your higher power. However, more and more, the name of Jesus is less welcome. So, for a Christian, openly sharing one’s faith or evangelizing is not welcome and at times, some groups can be openly hostile toward those who express Christian beliefs.

There is a saying around the tables, “go to AA to save your butt, go to church to save your soul.” There are many members of AA that have decades of sobriety that openly deny the name of Christ in favor of a generic god or higher power. Some use the “tables”, the fellowship, nature, etc as their higher power. Unfortunately, the truth of Scripture places these people in the lost category.

So, how can a believer in Christ survive in such an environment? First of all, it is the open-mindedness that AA teaches that made me open to the Gospel. Second, without using the name of Christ during the meeting, I am still able to share how God is working in my life and healing me. If anyone asks me about my spirituality, I am free to share the Gospel after the meeting or at coffee or elsewhere.

One thing to remember, religion is for people afraid to go to hell, spirituality is for those who want a thriving, living, growing relationship with the one true and living God through his Son, Jesus Christ. Religion is about rules, rules without a relationship equals rebellion. God wants a relationship with us.

I hope this helps someone struggling to live out their faith while conquering their addictions.

Also, Celebrate Recovery, though limited in scope, is an excellent way to openly share your faith while getting the support you need.

I highly recommend mixing all three; your church, AA, and Celebrate Recovery, to have the best chance of recovering from alcoholism or addiction. That is what I do…

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