Prompted by another social media post I saw…
We can worship with reverence, we can worship with enthusiasm, we can shout praises with raised hands, or crying on our knees…
We can turn worship into a huge celebration or an intimate moment…
As long as our ‘worship’ isn’t like a funeral dirge skinning cats while we lethargicly cover our bleeding ears and pray for it to just be over already…
Whatever your style, a worship or praise team should put in the time for preparation of their hearts and their musical abilities… to at least be in tune and on time if you are leading the congregation, no matter how tone deaf the people in the pews might be.
Just as the pastor is expected through prayer and study to bring the Word of the Lord to the flock and meet their needs; the worship team, praise band, choir, vocalist, etc should be in preparation if they are going to guide the congregation into worship before the Lord.
I think the Lord enjoys us enjoying our praises to him, whether hymns or spiritual songs, a joyous noise is a fragrant offering, the rest is just noise, like clanging gongs…
Whether we sing new songs or old songs, they should be lead with all our heart, soul, skill, and desire… whether we have a piano or a full orchestra, or something in between, musicians should be practicing their instruments, rehearsing, and training their voices, if they are going to lead…
Enjoy worship and praise and do it to the best of your ability with zeal and enthusiasm!
Why would we bring anything less before our sovereign God and Savior????

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