Sermon given at Casey White Oak Church of God on 09/22/19.

The world is watching and wants to know if we, as Christians, can authentically live out our faith. They are quick to point out our hypocrisy and the abundance of media and social media makes it very easy to spin doctor our words and actions to point out that hypocrisy.

In light of this, knowing we are sinners in need of a savior, flawed people trying to serve a perfect God, how can we live as salt, light, and leaven to the glory of our God?

Have faith, do good, show love, and do the next right thing!

Listen to see how this plays out in our Christian walk.

2 thoughts on “Living Faith

  1. You never answered my last question on the pain post. The reference in the bible for your claim that God promises not to violate our free will. Are you planning to answer or are you just not going to and trying ignore the question. I’m good if you don’t want to answer or can’t. Just tell me.

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